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This week Rachel and Brian visited the school. They are from the RSA. They transformed out Halla into a mini village to teach the children all about road safety. The children took on different rolls in the village so they could practice how to be safe both on the roads and the footpath.

Each child was given a “safety licence” at the end of their session which has their name and picture on it.

The children were also given a hi-visibility vest. We hope that they are encouraged to wear this every time they are out walking or cycling.

This was a great way to highlight the importance of being safe on the roads to the children.


Here are some safety tips from the RSA

 Road Safety Tips

Use a footpath if one is provided. Walk on the right hand side of the road otherwise.
It is recommended that you should be over 10 before crossing the road alone.
Use a designated crossing area if one is provided e.g. a pedestrian or zebra crossing, lollipop lady.
Stop, Look and Listen before crossing the road, even at designated crossings.
Children under ten should hold hands when crossing the road.
Only cross where you have a clear view of the road.
Wear a high vis vest, day and night.
Concentrate and beware of other traffic.

It is recommend that you should be over 12 before cycling alone.
Always wear a helmet when cycling.
Wear a high vis vest, day and night.
Ensure your bike is in good working order e.g. brakes, lights, bell and tyres
When cycling at night you must have a red light at the rear of your bike and a white light at the front.
Use a cycle track where provided. Cycle on the left hand side of the road otherwise
Concentrate and beware of other traffic.
A bicycle is a vehicle and must follow the same rules as other road users.

In a Car
Always wear a seat-belt.
It’s safer to sit in the back seat of the car.
If you are under both 150cm in height and 36kg in weight you must use a proper restraint e.g. a booster seat.
For more details see: http://www.rsa.ie/Documents/Road%20Safety/Leaflets/Leaf_booklets/Child%20safety%20in%20cars.pdf


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