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Today all the children were called to the halla for a special draw.

All the children who had returned their sponsorship cards had a chance of winning an Easter egg.

Two cards from each class were pulled from a box by some very helpful children.

Here are a list of the winners….

Room 1

Seán Munnelly

Alannah Sage

Room 2

Ryan Glass

Aimee Ryan

Room 3

Aaron Farrelly

Seán King

Room 4

Sebastian Lee May

Leah Layton

Room 5

Isabella Leydéer

Pearl McCarty

Room 6

Leah Blair

Aaron Jackson

Room 7

Ross Condon

Jade Riordan

Room 8

Steven Fox

Dean Layton

Room 9

Josh Monaghan

Isabel Larrigan

Room 10

Frya Buckham

Alex Burgess

Room 11

Billy Chatham

Abbi Nolan

Room 12

Cody Palmer

Eoin Van Der Krogt

Room 15

Luke Caffery

Logan Kelly

Room 16

Hannah/ Aaron Glasgow

Shane Tobin

Prefab 1

Jill Brennan

John McMullen

Prefab 2

Mellissa Caffery

Jessica Fulham


Well done!


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