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Out in the Garden…… News update.


Anyone passing the garden at the rear of the school will have noticed plenty of activity as beds have been weeded and prepared for the planting out of our seedlings.

Most of the children got the chance to sow some seeds in small pots in the classroom. They were placed in the light and watered regularly. Peas, beans, pumpkins, beetroot, sunflowers, sweetpea flowers and herbs were the main seeds planted. Potatoes were also sown. They were grown from tubers, not seeds.

There was great excitement as the children rushed in each morning to see how the seeds were doing. First the two little shoots appeared and after that they grew each day. Beans are amazing … they grew giant leaves very quickly. We thought we would come in one day and find a massive beanstalk growing all the way up to the ceiling!!

When the plants grew to about 15cm tall we planted them in the beds. We dug over the bed and then raked it. Then we made a line in the soil. Then we planted out all our crops. The peas and beans need a little help to stand up. We tied some string onto bamboo sticks. That will help them grow. Some other peas are growing along old branches. Unlucky for us, some creature in the garden,  maybe a slug, munched on our lovely beans! We put some plastic bottles on them to protect them.

This is great growing weather. Plants love sunshine and rain. We look forward to eating all our crops as they mature. Lots of children spoke about planting at home with Mammy or Daddy and even with Granny and Granddad. Growing things is so much fun!

Joan Nevin



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